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(sorry dudes, am a busier bee than I thought. Probably away all this week as well, though I might be able to get a random rec in one day)

Friday, June 15, 2012

[Hey, all.  I’m on vacation and thus taking a vacation from the recs as well.  I’ll be back with recs on Monday!]

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Thoughts on themed rec posts?

I have had something of a busy Saturday, and thus do not have a gen Saturday rec for today (but Come At Me just updated, so if you’re not reading that yet, do, because it is amazing and is getting better with every new chapter) and instead I have a question for y’all: Do you like the themed rec days?  If so, do you like the current way things are structured, or would you prefer that the themed recs were posted along with regular recs (making 2 recs each themed rec day)?  If so, would you still prefer that even if it meant some days had no recs at all (because honestly there are some days where nothing really calls to me, and the theme recs are currently filling in the gaps)?  Thoughts?  :)

Friday, June 8, 2012